Camps and Campgrounds

Whether you’re in need of utility vehicles for your camp or campground to use, or are making the smart decision to invest in a fleet of carts for your customers to rent, CCE has the vehicles and financing options to help!


Owning or leasing a fleet of carts that you can rent out to your customers is a major opportunity to grow your business without adding acreage. Our commercial sales team specializes in partnering with your campground to understand you and your customer’s specific needs, thus providing the fleet solution that works best for your business. We have gas and electric models available, including both standard four passenger configurations, customized lifted vehicles, and 6-8 passenger shuttle options. Pre-owned options start as low as $2,995!

Fleet Management

Take advantage of the latest in fleet technology - Visage! By using Visage, you can control where your carts can drive, how fast they can go, monitor your carts’ performance and communicate with your guests. For more information, contact your commercial sales rep.


From refuse disposal to transporting cleaning supplies, a utility vehicle from CCE can streamline your operations and save time in productivity.


Keep your investment in great shape by taking advantage of CCE’s service contracts and training! Learn more here >

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