Commercial Applications

As a proud Authorized Dealer for Club Car, Polaris GEM, Columbia and Tomberlin vehicles, CCE has an expansive selection of commercial vehicles that can be suited specifically to your needs! We offer new and pre-owned vehicles, with pre-owned options starting at just $2,995.

Choose your application or industry to learn more!


Camps and campgrounds

CCE helps camps and campgrounds from Stamford, CT and St. Agatha ME streamline their operations, increase revenue and keep their customers happy and accommodated.


Industrial and Municipal uses

Whether your facilities crew needs help transporting tools or the maintenance department could use updated transportation, CCE can customize our utility vehicles for your specific use with accessories.


Museums and Parks

Any organization receiving hundreds and thousands of visitors needs the proper tools to keep their facilities clean and functioning properly. CCE’s commercial vehicles can help your team get around your grounds quickly, carry large loads and transport necessary tools and supplies.


Colleges and universities

From the IT department to Athletics, commercial vehicles are vital on campus. CCE has the cars and accessories to satisfy a full range of uses.

Communities and Housing Authorities

Landscaping and maintenance are key for planned communities. Give your crew the tools to keep your grounds operating smoothly by investing in the right commercial vehicles.


Resorts and hotels

Housekeeping, visitor check-in, and refuse management are just a few operations of resorts and hotels that can benefit from multi-passenger and specialized utility cars from CCE.

2011 CA2 Landscaping HR.jpg

landscaping and construction

Tools, mulch, flowers…all things that can be heavy and cumbersome to carry around. CCE has vehicles customized to your industry, with cargo boxes to carry large loads and accessories to hold your tools.