GEM/Polaris Utility LSV's

GEM eS - Electric LSV

The GEM eS is compact and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Perfect for a variety of uses, the two-seater eS comes equipped with a 34" x 48" diamond plate flatbed with ample hauling capability, able to carry up to 330lbs. And with numerous accessory options, you can customize your eS to fit your unique needs — utility, parking enforcement, security and more.

Learn more about the GEM eS here.

GEM eM 1400 LSV - Electric LSV

The GEM eM 1400 LSV is rugged, hard-working and legal to drive on public streets posted up to 35 mph. It delivers 1250 lb of payload, 1250 lb of towing capacity and an exceptional ride that could only be Polaris. With a 7 hp AC motor, eM1400 LSV has a maximum speed of 25 mph and a range of up to 45 miles. When you need to work hard and traverse public roadways, the eM1400 LSV is the right solution.

Learn more about the GEM eM 1400 LSV here.

GEM eL - Electric LSV

With 700 lbs of cargo capacity and a host of accessory options for your individual utility needs, the GEM eL is built to handle any task at hand. Standard equipped with a 70" x 48" diamond plate flatbed and 72-volt battery system with on-board charger, the eL is ready to get the job done. This vehicle seats two comfortably and has a 30 mile range.

Learn more about the GEM eL here.

GEM eL XD - Electric LSV

With the most payload capacity of all GEM light utility models at 1450 lbs, the GEM eL XD is a workhorse ready for the long haul. Equipped with nine 8-volt batteries, a reinforced bed liner and heavy-duty shocks/springs, the eL XD also bolsters a 70" x 48" diamond plate flatbed that can haul up to 1100 lbs. This model seats two comfortably and has a 40 mile range.

Learn more about the GEM eL XD here.