GEM/Polaris Multi-Passenger LSV's

GEM e4

The GEM e4 offers exceptional safety and car-like comfort for four, with a zero emission design. With advanced suspension and up to 30 mile range, the e4 is the perfect solution for transporting small groups around work or for recreation. The vehicle also comes standard with high-low beam headlights, a day/night mirror, regenerative braking and hazard lights.

Learn more about the GEM e4 here.


The GEM e4s allows the transport of people and cargo with ease by allowing seating for four and the ability to carry up to 330 lbs. The e4S comes standard with a 34" x 48" diamond plate flatbed and can travel up to a 30 mile range on all roads posted 35 miles or less.

Learn more about the GEM e4S here.

GEM e6

Show your guests or friends around in the e6, a spacious, comfortable vehicle with room for 6. The e6 comes standard with maintenance-free gel batteries, 7.0 hp motor, seatbelts, high/low beam headlights, day/night mirror and hazard lights.

Learn more about the GEM e6 here.


The GEM e6S adds a 34" x 48" diamond plate flatbed for additional cargo room to GEM’s e6 model It's ideal for transporting up to 6 passengers across campuses, facilities, parks and other venues. Equipped with a spacious cab and comfortable ergonomic seating, the e6S delivers a distinctive ride. The maintenance free gel batteries provide up to 3 years of use with no worries and you may carry up to 330lbs of cargo on the handy flatbed.

Learn more about the GEM e6S here.