Visage Mobile Golf Information System
Revenue-improvement technology for golf operations

What It Does

The Visage Command Center gives golf courses further control over their fleet, acting as a fleet diagnostician, marshal, concierge, caddie, marketing assistant and security officer.

Before Play

  • Diagnose a problem before they can impact a customer's experience
  • Know where all of your golf cars are at all times
  • Sets the maximum speed of cars to 2 mph until you release them
  • Reduces theft, abuse and phantom rounds greatly


During Play

  • Set geo fences and tag cars to certain locations, giving you control over your course and fleet
  • Reduce bottlenecks and slow pace of play by utilizing real-time tracking
  • Communicate directly with a single car via the messaging tool
  • Promote food and beverage options
  • Display real-time leader boards for tournaments
  • Collect virtual scorecard information from golfers to use for future marketing


After Play

  • Send a "thank-you" message to each car following the final hole and offer them a follow-up deal
  • Track car performance and monitor power consumption
  • Find any car on or off your property
  • Place cars in Lock Down Mode to deter theft, joy rides and vandalism

Contact your Golf Sales Team member to inquire about adding Visage technology to your fleet today, and use the Visage ROI Predictor to discover just how cost-effective and beneficial Visage can be for your club.