Museums and Parks

Museums, aquariums, zoos and parks have a variety of operations that require or could benefit from use of a specialized commercial vehicle. From multi-passengers to transport guests, to Carryall utility vehicles for your crew, CCE has the vehicle you need to get the job done.

Concerned about who will service your vehicle? Don’t give it a second thought! CCE has an award-winning service department that offers door-to-door service and maintenance. Learn more about our service department and contracts here >

CCE is a proud to offer special AZA and AAM discounts for members. Please inquire with your commercial sales associate for accurate pricing.

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Multi-passenger vehicles

Looking to transport visitors or staff around your grounds efficiently? CCE has several great options for multi-passenger cars:

GEM e4

GEM e6

Club Car Villager
(6 or 8 passenger)

Club Car Transporter
(6 or 8 passenger)


Carryall utility lineup

From refuse disposal to transporting cleaning supplies, a utility vehicle from CCE can streamline your operations and save time in productivity. See below for a sample of utility vehicles and the available packages and accessories.

Carryall 100

Carryall 700

Carryall 300


Carryall 500

CCE Exclusive Carryall 1500 Nor’Easter