Club Car Multi-Passenger Vehicles

Club Car Villager 2+2 LSV - Electric

Transport up to four passengers the financially and environmentally smart way, with the Villager 2+2 Low-Speed Vehicle. Your fuel and maintenance expenses will be significantly lower, as will your carbon emissions – and the Villager 2 LSV may qualify for federal tax credits, too.

Club Car offers the most reliable and cost-effective LSV vehicles in the industry, all equipped to be street legal on many roads posted at 35 mph or less. As the world’s largest manufacturer of four-wheel electric vehicles, Club Car knows what it takes to make reliable vehicles that reduce your costs.

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Club Car Villager 2+2 LX LSV - Electric

Upgrade your Villager 2+2 with features such as alloy wheels, two-tone sport seats and a custom dash with wood accents for the LX model, all designed to maximize comfort and convenience.

Additional accessories include:
• Choice of white, beige, black, dark green or classic blue body color.
• Hour meter
• Speedometer
• Battery capacity indicator

It’s the perfect electric utility vehicle for driving a foursome to your neighborhood golf course, taking friends to your favorite restaurant, or loading up the family and heading to a nearby park.

And it offers much more than convenience and fun: It doesn’t require fuel, it’s easy to recharge and cost pennies per day to operate, making it an ideal alternative for everyday excursions.

Learn more about the Club Car 2+2 LX LSV here.

Club Car Villager 4 - Gasoline or Electric

Now up to four passengers can enjoy the car that set the standard for superior golf car comfort and performance. From its 360° wrap-around bumper to its ergonomic seats, the Precedent i2 Villager 4 provides safety, comfort and stability on the course and off.

Whether you use your Precedent golf car for golf, neighborhood transportation, hunting, camping or anything else, you’ll want it to have the standard conveniences that the Villager 4 offers - an extra-large canopy top, rust-proof aluminum frame and Club Car's innovative SportDrive™ Steering and Suspension system.

Learn more about the Club Car Villager 4 here.

Club Car Villager 6 - Gasoline or Electric

Offered in both gas and electric models, the Club Car Villager 6 carries up to 6 passengers in comfort and style. Opt for the flexibility of a fold-down rear seat and you'll benefit from additional cargo space. 

Enjoy the luxurious extra room that the Villager 6 provides, while expecting the same high quality materials and experience as all of Club Car's products. The specially-designed ergonomic seats guarantee a comfortable ride, the exclusive aluminum chassis protects against rust and corrosion and 360-degree bumper protection will secure your investment for years to come.

Learn more about the Cub Car Villager 6 here.

Club Car Villager 8 - Gasoline or Electric

With room for eight and a powerful 48-volt electric motor or 11.5 hp gas engine, the Villager 8 is the perfect high-volume transportation solution. 

This is the perfect vehicle for tours, shuttles and resort transportation. Moving large groups fast and efficiently has never been easier thanks to the innovation of the Villager 8.

Learn more about the Club Car Villager 8 here.

Club Car Precedent 4Fun - Gasoline or Electric

Double your pleasure with the Precedent 4Fun, Club Car's first four-passenger golf car. You get more of everything — four forward-facing seats, attachments to secure four golf bags and even more cup holders — to make golf outings more social than ever.

The 4Fun was designed in conjunction with PGA of America and Get Golf Ready, the industry’s grow-the-game program designed to attract new people to the game and bring former golfers back to the sport. It's great for couples, families, women's groups and business outings.

Learn more about the Club Car Precedent 4Fun here.

Club Car XRT 850SE - Gasoline or Electric

Power big enough to tackle the toughest jobs, coupled with self-adjusting rack and pinion steering and dual hydraulic brakes – is standard in the XRT850, a utility vehicle compact enough to fit into the back of your pickup truck. 

This versatile utility vehicle is perfect for everything from cruising the beach with your family to hunting in the woods with your buddies. Whether you choose the powerful 14 hp rated (10.4 kW) rated Subaru EFI gas or a 13 hp (9.7 kW) peak rated electric powertrain, it’s a great, affordable choice for work or play.

Learn more about the Club Car XRT850 here.

Club Car XRT1550 SE - Gasoline or Diesel

Need more room? The XRT1550 SE models are the ultimate four-passenger 4x4 transporting and utility vehicles, with two rows of forward-facing seats.

Built to withstand the punishment of rough terrain, the XRT1550 SE is designed to thrive in even the toughest conditions. From the lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum frame to the four-wheel, hydraulic disc brakes, the 1550 SE exudes confidence and quality.

And you won’t have to sacrifice comfort, either, thanks to our 13-position adjustable driver's seat with retractable seat belt and a Double A-Arm front suspension with coil-over shocks that will enhance your ride.

Learn more about the Club Car XRT1550 SE here.