GEM/Polaris Utility Vehicles

GEM eM 1400 - Electric

The eM 1400 is the ultimate work vehicle. With the low cost of operation and quiet smooth ride you can only get from an electric vehicle, the GEM eM 1400 is perfect for hauling cargo across your property, the jobsite or inside the warehouse. This vehicle seats two comfortably and gets up to a 45 mile range on a 7 hp motor that can tow up to 1400 lbs. Enjoy the rugged and durable ergonomic design while tackling your jobs. 

Learn more about the GEM eM 1400 here.

Polaris M1400 - Gasoline

Powered by gas, the Polaris M1400 is a commercial utility vehicle built to tackle all of your jobs. It delivers 1400 lbs of payload and 1500 lbs of towing capacity with an exceptional ride. It comes equipped with a ProStar EFI engine delivering 31 hp, and has 4x2 rear wheel drive. Take on any job and cover any distance with the Polaris M1400.

Learn more about the Polaris M1400 here.