Universal Golf Cart Heater

Universal Golf Cart Heater


Part Number #G2002484

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    •Can play up to 36 holes of golf without effecting battery charge.

    •Comes standard with universal mounting bracket for under dash installation.

    ·         Multi-volt element adjusts power usage to match input voltage up to 84 Volts DC

    ·         48vDC 10Amp Running (34Amp inrush) =500Watts /1706Btu/hr @65 CFM

    ·         36vDC 11Amp Running (28Amp inrush) =396Watts /1351Btu/hr @65 CFM

    ·         24vDC 14Amp Running (19Amp inrush) =336Watts /1146Btu/hr @65 CFM

    ·         Inrush amperage is regulated with a supplied 'Slow Blow' fuse.

    ·         Size: 4" H x 5.75" W x 5" D

    ·         Weight of unit only: 1.5 lbs.


    •Flush mount face place sold separately.