Resorts and Hotels

Resorts and hotels always have the comfort and satisfaction of their guests in mind. That is why a multi-passenger or specialized commercial vehicle from CCE is the perfect asset to add to your property. 

We specialize in street legal electric shuttle vehicles that can transport up to six guests, as well as tailored food service, housekeeping, grounds, refuse removal and facilities engineering utility vehicles that are specifically designed with your industry in mind.

Best of all, by taking advantage of a CCE Service Contract you can rest assured that your vehicles will always be in proper running condition! Learn more about our service plans here >


Guest Services

Looking to transport guests or staff comfortably and efficiently? CCE has several great options for multi-passenger cars:

GEM e4

GEM e6

Club Car Villager


food service and Housekeeping

From carrying food to transporting cleaning supplies, a utility vehicle from CCE can streamline your operations and save time in productivity.

Carryall 500 Fit-To-Task Food Service

Carryall 700 Fit-To-Task Food Service

Carryall 500 Fit-To-Task Housekeeping

Carryall 700 Fit-To-Task Housekeeping



With a wide range of vehicle sizes and accessories, we can help your grounds crew maintain your property effectively.

Club Car Carryall 300

Carryall 500 with HoseReel

Club Car Carryall 700

CCE Exclusive Carryall 1500 Nor’Easter